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  Why Panama?  

  • Free of hurricanes, unlike most Caribbean islands,

  • The paper currency in use in Panama is the U.S. Dollar,

  • Now Panama has become a very stable young democracy,

  • Foreign investors and their businesses have the same rights and freedoms as Panama natives,

  • Many people speak English here even though Spanish is the first language,

  • Most major banks will provide financing for foreigners,

  • You don’t have to live in Panama to own a piece of this Paradise,

  • Obtaining a Property title here is simple. Once you own the title, it’s yours

Panama flag
  • With a small investment here, if one chooses to start a tourist-related business, he will enjoy a multitude of tax exemptions,

  • Obtaining a Property title here is simple. Once you own the title, it's yours

  • Exoneration of property taxes on the initial US$120,000.00 of the registered value if the property is considered as "Family Patrimony."


In addition, since 2006, Panama allows foreigners to purchase island property for the first time. Many foreigners have invested in Island-tourism in the past years; nevertheless, the Caribbean is hardly touched at all. Water concessions can also be granted for use in tourism or your private home.


You can buy and own a Property in Panama just with your passport… no bank account is needed. Panama law 54 grants foreign investors the same rights and freedoms as Panama natives. They are also granted the right to dispose of their investment profits and repatriate their interest, dividends, and gains.

Many baby boomers looking to stretch their retirement money and still enjoy a traditional retirement lifestyle are moving to places both sunny and inexpensive, like Panama. Its incentive programs offer to retirees tax exemptions and deferrals and discounts for entertainment and travel, among other things.


Its great weather, beaches, and attractions bring increasing numbers of tourists and retirees to the country. For all of these reasons, it is also attracting many foreign investors, who can benefit from the tax deferrals and exemptions offered to them.


One of the top Resort and Project Developer in the area said: "Still, this is a great opportunity and time to be investing in Panama or to be looking at that possibility. My opinion is it's still in the first 20, 25 percent of the growth curve."


  Why Bocas del Toro?  

The Bocas del Toro,  panama flag
  • Stunning white-sand beaches,

  • Exotic Wildlife and vibrant cultures

  • Incredible surfing and World-class diving, snorkeling and fishing,

  • Calm Caribbean blue/green water all year round, 

  • Warm weather year-round (yearly average temperature 27°C/82°F) due to the proximity to the equator. 

  • Bocas del Toro is also one of the most biologically diverse places on earth,

  • Bocas del Toro is considered Panama's top travel destination,

The province of Bocas del Toro is less developed than other parts of Panama. As a result, real estate offers excellent value for your money. The combination of beach, marine life, jungle life, and spectacular rainforest scenery has made this Paradise an increasingly popular real estate investment location with Canadien, American, European, and Central/South American buyers.

Want more advantages? Read "Foreigners Advantage" on the main menu and find out how to own a Private Corporation or Foundation.

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