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  Foreigners Advantages in Panama  

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Buying properties in Panama is very safe. There are over a dozen laws in Panama established specifically for protecting foreign investments.

Foreigners can own titled property in Panama in their names. However, legal advisors usually recommend that clients hold all property in the name of a Panamanian/Offshore Corporation or Private Foundation for asset protection and income tax reasons. 

There are Properties for sales that include a Panama Corporation or an Offshore Private Foundation. Buy the property and get all Offshore Advantages without additional cost and legal delays…by transferring the shares of the Corporation or Foundation. Then only the corporate shares are being sold as the Title or Right Of Position (ROP) remains in the Corporation/Foundation’s name. This is a faster and easier option than re-issuing the Title/ROP certifications to the new buyer’s name.

My legal advisor made me a list of significant advantages for foreigners to own a Panama Offshore Corporation or a Panama Offshore Foundation. I want to share this information with you.

Significant Advantages of a Panamanian/Offshore Panama Corporation:


  • Information about owners and directors of the company remains confidential and is not kept on public record.

  • No minimum capital requirements. 

  • High level of asset protection and financial privacy

  • Reduction or elimination of income taxes

  • No inheritance, succession, or gift taxes and No annual tax return requirements

  • No requirements as to the number of shareholders, and no nationality restrictions

  • No currency exchange control and complete freedom to transfer funds

  • No International Trade tariffs

  • No taxes on capital (stocks, bonds, and other investments) held by Panamanian corporations (*)

  • No bureaucracy

  • Local Government concessions, subsidies, and support

  • No limitations on the amount of import/export

  • Etc...



Significant Advantages of an Offshore Panama FOUNDATION:


  • No foreign exchange control

  • Assets transferred to Foundation are out of reach of creditors.

  • No shareholders, members, directors, and officers are required.

  • Exemption from all Panamanian taxes for income generated outside of Panama

  • Separate legal entity with capacity to execute rights and acquire obligations

  • Accounting and an audit are not required.

  • Inexpensive annual support

  • Etc....

Offshore Panama Corporation
Foundations in Panama

We suggest you talk to professional offshore consultants and attorneys (*specially for Americans) experienced in the offshore business and understand the international investment and asset protection strategies... according to your needs!

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