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How do I hire a Real Estate attorney?

It is highly recommended that a lawyer assist you with your real estate transaction in Panama. Once you have chosen your property, they will do a title search (if it is titled), check that taxes are in order, and assist you with all the steps involved in buying/closing. Most realtors will have one or more lawyers that they work closely with and can, therefore, refer you to them.

As in any profession, some are better than others. Going with a realtor or friend recommendation is always a great place to start.

As a licensed lawyer specialized in real estate transactions and the office broker, I will make your real estate transaction smooth and easy. All real estate transactions require a licensed Attorney and the service of a Public Notary to seal any Real Estate Transactions.

The real estate attorney of your choice must have a state-approved escrow account to manage the safety of the money transferred and held in escrow if money transfer will be used to purchase a property. You can also pay by certified or a cashier's check from a bank licensed to operate in Panama to the order of the seller to be handed out at the signature of the property transfer.

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