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Bocas del Toro archipelagos are composed of six major Islands and more than 100 islands of various sizes. Bocas Town is located on Colon Island. This area is mainly a tourism destination in the Panama Caribbean. The access to Colon Island is by Ferry, boat, or by plane.

Bocas Archipelago Map

1. How do I get to Bocas del Toro?

You can purchase your flight ticket with many airlines offering flights to Tocumen Intl. Airport (PTY), Panama City. Copa Air is offering round-trip tickets at a reasonably low price. Copa Airline link: https://www.copaair.com/en/web/gs


Once in Panama City, there are three options to get to Bocas del Toro (Colon Island). By plane, rent a car or by bus. The best option is by plane. It is safer and faster.


For now, Air Panama airline is the only one offering a direct flight to Bocas del Toro from Panama City. Air Panama operates at Albrook National Airport, which is close to Panama City downtown. It is a 20-30 minutes taxi drive from Tocumen International Airport. You can purchase your flight ticket with Air Panama following this link: https://www.airpanama.com/index.php?idioma=EN

2. What services will I find in Bocas Town?

In Bocas town, you will find hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, a new hospital, post office, police and fireman station, municipality services, churches, grocery stores, dentists, pet shop, gyms, yoga workout, boat repair shop, furniture stores, drug stores, hostels, internet express services, transport, international airport, art gallery, etc… Internet coverage is available almost everywhere in the Bocas archipelagos. OMC internet hight speed fiber optic cable is available in Bocas Town, Colon Island only.


3. How do I send my furniture and stuff to Bocas?

Send your container or stuff to Miami, Florida, and a specialized shipping company will deliver your belonging to Bocas Town or your location on another Island.


4. How do you get things like furniture and other large items out to the property?

By large Taxi boat or commercial barges.


5. Is there secure storage or parking available on the mainland if you want to own a car/motorcycle?

Almirante (mainland) offers a safe parking lot for short and long term parking.


6. How do you handle garbage?

Bocas recycles glass, plastic, metal, and aluminum. We burn the rest.


7. How is the mosquitos/bugs situation in Bocas?

Bocas offers a paradisiac lifestyle, and it is a restful and secure place to live. But mosquitos/bugs are present almost everywhere in the Archipelagos… especially during full moon between 6-7 in the morning and 4 to 6 at night. We light up a spiral, turn on the fans or fumigate around the house occasionally.


8. Do I need to buy a boat to get to my property?

If you buy a property in Bocas Town (Colon Island), Carenero Island, or North point of Bastimento Island, which are close to Bocas Town or in Carenero ILland, you won't need a boat.  These locations are within a 2 to 5 minutes taxi boat ride.


9. What would a proper boat setup be for private use? Length, type, motor size?

A 22-25 feet boat with a 40-85hp Yamaha, standard Bocas boat will be convenient. They sell for between $5,000us to $12,000us, depending on boat length and outboard motor. There is a FaceBook page dedicated to selling all types of boats and boat parts.


10. Decent boat/motor repair shops in town or locally elsewhere?

In Bocas, you will find many repair shops…even on other central Islands.